How to 1,001

If you’re reading this, you’ve made the important decision to make 1,001 Chicago Afternoons part of your life. Here are the no-BS protips for getting the most out of the site.


1. Sign up for the mailing list

The Facebook and Twitter pages are nice, but not really going to get you the updates you crave. For that, you’ll need to sign up for the email list, where I send out every story after it posts.

Look to the right. It’s there.


2. Do social media if you wanna

As of this writing, I have 226 people who like the 1,001 Chicago Afternoons Facebook page, but since I refuse to pay to “boost” the post, most days it’ll only show a new story to maybe five or six people.

So use the mailing list to get updates and Facebook for some cool story-related photos, posts about upcoming events and site-related news.

The Twitter page does me better. Sometimes I make the news for it.


3. Explore the stories

Dive in through the random story function or search by neighborhood or keyword in the upper right corner.

Look up stories alphabetically, starting from the first or starting with the most recent.

Check out the illustrated ones.

Or, if you want a kickstart on this, here are a few of my favorites:


4. Support the site

[Editor's note: I don't do the Patreon thing anymore. I should take this all down, but I'm pretty happy with how the video came out.]

This entire project, from server space to artwork to recording equipment and renting the car share care, is funded out of pocket.

That’s why I’ve turned to an ongoing Patreon campaign to help cut my costs.

Pledge levels start as low as a dime a story (be sure to put $0.10 as your per-story pledge). Donors get monthly update emails, sneak peek stories, podcasts and (I’m pretty proud of this one) secret coded messages from me.

Watch this video for more convincing arguments with “Game of Thrones” references:

Journalism is in flux, and weird, experimental projects like this one could either be little blips or the future path the industry will take. We’re a city experimenting with comics journalism, collaborative journalism, data journalism and other odd offshoots to fill the gaps forming as our city’s media titans falter and fade.

I don’t know if letting reporters run roughshod with language is the future, but literary journalism is the horse I choose to back. I believe journalism can be beautiful, edifying, even fun to read sometimes.

I hope you agree.

If you can support, please sign up on the site’s Patreon page.

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