About Paul

Boy, I probably shouldn’t have written Ben’s about page first. Now I sort of feel like a schlub.

I’m Paul Dailing. I’m a writer. I’m an editor. I’m a college professor somehow.

I shattered my right arm in a decidedly one-sided fight after college, then broke my left hand two weeks later. As soon as I could drive a car and open peanut butter jars again, I moved from my parents’ house to the first city that would have me. That was Chicago.

I’ve written for newspapers, wire services, magazines and websites. I’ve lived in Ireland and Thailand and visited dozens more countries than that. I once discovered a triceratops fossil. I do stuff.


To hire me:

Clips, résumé and CV available at my professional site.

Writing and editing rates available upon request at 1001chicago@gmail.com.

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