Thanks to all the artists who have provided their work:

Jamie Hibdon is a cartoonist and teaching artist from Missouri. He is part of the comics journalism collective the Illustrated Press and self-publishes an ongoing anthology, Lingua Franca Comics.

#340: Cockroach on the Factory Floor







A.J. Kane is a young and innovative Chicago-based photographer with his studio located in the West Loop. He specializes in working with real people, putting them at ease in front of the camera. Whether they are authors, innovators, or entrepreneurs he will draw out their natural confidence and poise.

#893: Just Like a Waving Flag

#864: The 16th Artist

#541: Carroll Street












Dmitry Samarov is a painter and writer in Chicago. He no longer drives a cab.

#178: The Comic Book Beat

#155: The Good, the Bad and the Doorman #175: A Waltz on the Roof#141: Green Beings

#158: Hunting Ben Hecht, Part 2#140: Evil Twins

#166: Hunting Ben Hecht, Part 3

 #159: Humboldt Horror




#168: Hunting Ben Hecht, Part 4

#138: Old St. Pat's
























Marine Tempels is a Belgian-born artist and illustrator residing in Chicago. She is inspired by the body postures, shapes, and textures of life. Through line, contour, and thoughtful omissions of color and detail, she hopes to breathe life and mystery into her work.

 #554: The Smell of Magic







Emily Torem is a Chicago native, currently writing and illustrating from Logan Square. She loves to cook, write about it, and eat, probably in that order. She has no sense of direction, so don’t ask her where the Lake is.

 #412: The Firebird Suite, Part 1: Feminism and the Trapeze

#400: Lady Ginger Tells You What It's Like, Part 2#394: Lily Be's Coming for You


Art by Emily Torem

"Wanda Stopa" by Emily Torem


#261: The Gold Coast Bagpipes

#475: How They Joined the Circus — Captain Hammer and the Groupie

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