#244: You, Me, Dancing

November 18th, 2013

The ketubah has been read, the glass smashed and didn’t she look lovely walking down the aisle? So happy. Tears in her eyes. I almost lost it too.

And him, beaming so big and bright. Knows exactly why he’s there and you don’t often get that. Want another beer? I think I’m having one. We should take the tour, too.

A brewery! Such a cool place for a wedding. Such a cool wedding. Everything was beautiful. Everyone was beautiful. Bright, shining eyes, happy smiles, suits and ties and dresses and doesn’t he look just like his father?

The waitress said to follow the blonde man with the ponytail when we want to take the tour, learn about hops and grain and roasting and barley and do you want another beer? I think I’m having one.

They look so happy together, so fitting and natural. I remember when she first told me about him. God, that’s been a while now. She told me about this guy she’s been seeing and then she and I had wine at his house while he was still at work. Was that the night the three of us played Scrabble and talked about Asia? God, that’s been a while now. Do you want another beer?

Didn’t she look happy? She stumbled a bit when she started down the aisle and saw him at the end by the chuppah. She broke her stride for a moment when she saw him or maybe that was my imagination. I almost lost it then. They both looked so perfect together. Oh, the blonde guy’s starting the tour. We can learn about hops and grain and they looked so perfect together. So perfect.

OK, OK, I’ll drink some water.

God, isn’t this a cool place? Such a good place for a wedding. And the food, the food at dinner was so good. Your brisket was better than my pork. I’m surprised they had pork at all. But the brisket was fantastic, that bite you gave me. The pork was OK, the apples made it. And then a few months after the wine and Scrabble we had dinner at her place or maybe it was their place by then and the three of us laughed so hard and I remember him slapping the table because something was so funny and we talked about our lives and it was OK. It was all OK with them. Nothing was uncomfortable or taboo. I’m so glad you like them. I’m so glad they like you.

God, they looked so perfect together. It was fun to learn about hops and barley too.

But dinner is over and a few tables cleared. Two chairs tucked to the side for the hora, which you’re going to love, by the way. I can’t believe you’ve never done that.

And a few tables cleared and I got another beer. He looked beautiful and she had that beaming smile or is that right, yeah it is. But none of that matters now, because the night is rainy outside and it’s warm and beautiful in here. The DJ is ready and I know more about the fermentation process than I did when I got here and it’s time for you and me to dance.

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