#320.5: A Response from Industry of the Ordinary

May 15th, 2014

The following is a response to story #291 by Industry of the Ordinary, who contacted the site earlier this week.

Dear Mr Dailing,

Thank you for you speedy response and offer.

While we appreciate the opportunity to write a response to your piece, we feel, as we are not writers, that it would be of limited value for us to engage you in this manner. However, we were struck by the fact that you mentioned that you might ‘like’ us if you had a beer with us. As our work deals with collaboration in various ways, we suspect that it might be interesting to explore whether this would, in fact, be the case.

We were most intrigued not by the content of your criticism of the work – which is neither here nor there – but by the personalized style of your attack. In calling us dicks you seemed to be positioning yourself as a dick to bolster your argument. Again, we’re interested in the possibility that you are, in fact, a dick.

As you say, three guys arguing about art is a less than compelling way to spend one’s free time, but we have little interest in talking about art with you. We would like to buy you a beer and talk about dicks.

Yours sincerely,

Mat and Adam

Industry of the Ordinary

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