#822: 7 Lies I Intend to Tell at Tonight’s High School Reunion

July 28th, 2017

As mentioned earlier this week, I will be attending my 20th high school reunion this evening.

In advance of what is sure to be a night of memories, revelry and conversations about which teachers were gay, I have prepared seven lies to tell my former classmates.

These lies are not intended to impress the Class of ’97 — what a sad slog that would be, to care about a virtual stranger’s judgment of your life because you sat near each other in fifth-period Econ — but rather for the sheer love of lying to people I kinda sorta know.

Let us begin.

1. I have been in prison.

Convincing my former classmates I did a nickel in Taylorville on a narco rap will be a matter of subtlety. One does not simply interrupt a story about kids, jobs or lawns with, “Cool, cool. Sorry about your dog feeling sick but I have totally done time in prison for real.”

Instead, when people ask what I’ve been up to, I will gloss over the period from 2007 to 2012 by hardening my face momentarily, staring off into the distance and gently, almost absentmindedly stroking a large scar I happen to have on my forearm and saying, “Away.” That’ll teach you to express genuine interest in an old friend’s life and well-being, Lee Cunningham.

2. I wrote “Emotion” for Destiny’s Child.

Complicating this lie could be that I went to high school with Michelle Williams from Destiny’s Child (her real name’s Tenitra and we didn’t really know each other but I do recall she was just a lovely person).

If Tenitra’s not there tonight, I might be safe. If she is there tonight, my cover’s blown. If she’s there tonight and I manage to convince her I wrote the fourth single from 2001’s quadruple-platinum album “Survivor,” it will be my greatest moment.

3. I am court-enjoined from publicly discussing Burger King.

The hard part will be steering the conversation to talk about fast food then making a production of not being able to say “Burger King.”

4. I enjoy Tibetan log dancing.

I am willing to demonstrate this completely fictitious art form.

5. I enjoy watching professional knife-fighting, which is a sport that uses rubber “knives” and is similar to fencing in its techniques, and have traveled as far as Canada to watch “bouts.”

In fairness, I already used this one when I ran into a couple old classmates at a bar in Montreal. Sorry, Eric. Sorry, Amanda.

6. I enjoy making small talk with virtual strangers over light beer and budget chardonnay at a Hilton Garden Inn I had to drive two hours to get to.

I mean, some of it will be fun… I guess… hopefully…

7. I’m not excited about this.

Beyond the fact I expect more than three discussions about the costs of children’s dental care, I am looking forward to seeing my old classmates. Although I don’t care if they think I’m cool or weird or can’t speak about the Home of the Whopper because of a 2013 court order, some of these are people I did care about, and I genuinely care about what they’ve been up to.

I can think of no one I would wish unhappiness upon and if you can share four years of hormones and trig with a class of 430 and still say that, you’re doing pretty good.

And if you’re interested in Michelle Williams’ autograph, you’ll find my rates quite reasonable.

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