#305: Shameless Self-Promotion Theatre

April 9th, 2014

Welcome to the latest edition of Shameless Self-Promotion Theatre (spelled thea-t-r-e for extra pretension).

As frequent readers of my now more than 300 gallivants through Chicago know, I’m also trying to be sort of a spoken wordy talky guy in addition to these thrice-weekly exhibits of my utter mastery of the English sentency paragraphy stuff.

I’ve tried to share the experience as much as possible, showing what it’s like to attend a Paper Machete, audition for the Biggest Liar competition or help run the Chi Lit fundraiser for Open Books.

My justification, right or wrong, has been that live lit and spoken word are as much a part of the Chicago experience as any cash register store, bus-riding dream maker, drum circle, former fake prostitute or group of homeless people. It would be disingenuous not to share my weird window into this aspect of Chicago life.

And sometimes, I just plain share the stories I told at places like the Paper Machete, Story Lab or Biggest Liar audition.

But this edition of Shameless Self-Promotion Theatre (spelled thea-t-r-e because I hate life and all that’s good) is different. It’s just straight-up advocacy.

On May 10, 2014, you should come to Let’s Get Working: Chicago Celebrates Studs Terkel.

You should come because it celebrates a great American author through readings, history, dance, music, radio, clowning (yes, you read that), talks, arts, comic book journalism and more. Just look at the list of participants.

If you did click that link, you saw names like Ira Glass, Rick Kogan, Alex Kotlowicz and Alison Cuddy.

You also saw me, right at the top of the list.

This shows two things:

  1. Always title your creative project with a number, preferably 1.
  2. You should go.

At 2 p.m. May 10, Rachel Hyman of Anthology of Chicago and I will host a live lit event featuring such all-stars as Lily Be, Malcolm London, Jim Padar and more.

Festival Program Coordinator Paul Durica, who read at our Chi Lit fundraiser last year, asked Rachel and me to participate and we jumped at the chance.

Details are here for our little chunk of what I’ve been informally calling Studsfest.

Also, throughout the day, Rachel and I will be manning a booth at the event where we’ll be selling chapbooks of our respective projects. More details on the 1,001 Chicago Afternoons chapbooks will come after I make up said details, but I’m really pumped and you should be too. Own a slice of 1,001 and realize what a great book this would make, certain exciting local publishing houses.

So if you’re interested in Chicago, Studs, studs (yo), writing, reading, history or the theater (spelled thea-t-e-r because I have a mastery of the English sentency paragraphy stuff), head on down to Hyde Park next month.

Studs and I will be waiting.

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