#690: Shameless Self-Promotion Theatre, Part 3

September 23rd, 2016

In part 1, I pimped a live lit reading honoring Studs Terkel.

In part 2, I announced a podcast that I since stopped doing (I later halted the Patreon campaign too).

And now, in part 3 of Shameless Self-Promotion Theatre, I want to dress up all fancy, swill some cocktails all Gatsby and yell at you about politics.

On Nov. 1, one week before the election between Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the “Me want Honeycomb!” monster, I will be giving a tutorial on how to steal an election at an underground speakeasy.

Go on, take a moment and read the link.

It should be fun, a mix of info from the Chicago Corruption Walking Tour and stuff I used to yell at my students when I taught.

It’ll teach you to gerrymander like Madigan, astroturf like Rauner, media like the Daleys, swiftboat like Bush and generally use grade-school math to mislead, obfuscate, confuse, disenfranchise and get yourself elected.

And the Room 13 speakeasy at Old Chicago Inn has some damn fine craft cocktails. This is pretty much as close as you’re going to get to being in a back room with Daley the First picking the aldermen and deciding if that Kennedy kid is up to snuff.

This election season has been an unrelenting fire hose of hatred, bile and the realization that about 5 percent of your Facebook friends have been horrible people the whole time.

Give yourself a night of fun this election. You’ve earned it.

Buy tickets at Atlas Obscura

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