#795: The ‘Donate to These Guys’ List

May 26th, 2017

As with everyone who cares about journalism, the community, free speech or good governance, the last few months have been the emotional equivalent of a bodyslam from a U.S. congressional candidate.

It’s the world we live in. So let’s get off our rears this three-day weekend and direct some resources to some of the folks trying to make that world a better one.

The following is a list of local and regional groups working in investigative journalism, governmental reform or anticorruption efforts or I’d like you to consider donating to.

Yes, you should also donate to environmental groups, legal aid groups, women’s health groups, LGBTQ rights groups, racial justice groups and any other groups doing the work you think needs doing. But if you’re looking for some groups specifically clearing the right for us to speak, think, argue and write, this list is as good a place to start as any.

The Invisible Institute

City Bureau

The Chicago Reporter


Illinois Public Media


The Midwest Center for Investigative Reporting

SouthSide Weekly

Better Government Association

ProPublica Illinois (still being set up — donate to ProPublica in the meantime) [Edit: You can designate your ProPublica donation should go to ProPublica Illinois]

Injustice Watch

To be very clear, I’m not offering this list as a command to cut a check. Research these groups, suss them out to decide for yourself whether these groups are places you feel your money would make a difference. These are groups demanding greater scrutiny from others. It’s fitting, proper and appreciated that you give them a strong look yourself.

Thanks to everyone on Twitter who chipped in with suggestions for this list and the one guy on Facebook who had a suggestion. If anyone knows any groups this list is missing, tweet ‘em to @1001chicago.

Enjoy your bike rides and barbecues this weekend. The grilling will smell a lot sweeter knowing you gave five, 10, 50 bucks to help people doing the work.

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